Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: The preparations

Summer vacation was coming to an end, and for many it was time to go back to school. For others, it was a return to the Academy of Music, which could also be seen as a boarding school. The older students always arrived earlier than the newbies, for one reason there was a reason. Some prepared the welcome party, others made flyers for their clubs to convince newcomers to join. One of them was Nathaniel Reily he had been in school for a year, together with Ryan Anderson and was urgently looking for new band members. "So which positions are not occupied?" Nathe asked his bandmate. "So we are missing a lead singer, a guitarist and a keyboardist!" Ry enumerated. "It's a shame that the others have already graduated!" said Nathe. "Oh come on, we are sure to find members!" said Ry and continued to write on the flyer and posters. "You're right!" grinned Nathe. "Hey, put our CD in!" said Ryan. Nathe went to the CD player and hit start, the CD spun and began to play music. Whereupon Nathe started to sing and Ryan sang along a little in the background[ v = RhHjSARR5Fc & NR = 1]. After they finished singing, someone put the CD player on display. "Well, you two, are you looking for new band members?" she asked a blond young man with a pile of papers under his arm. "Sure, you know we're still looking for a singer, keyboardist and someone for the electric guitar, Matthew!" said Nathe. "Then I wish you all the best!" laughed Matt. "Thank you, we will have that for sure!" said Ryan.

The two boys started to hang up the posters. On the big letter "We are the band Haven and are looking for new band members for various reasons, open casting takes place in the large auditorium in 3 days at 12:00, we look forward to you." was standing. But since the school building wasn't exactly small and they weren't the only band looking for new members, there were already posters hanging in quite a few places. The blue-haired and the black-haired looked at each other briefly and unceremoniously hung one of their posters about that ofEnded Moon, a band that has always bothered them in the last few years because they offered quite strong competition. When the two of them had hung up all the posters after a while, except for two, they went to the black board. There they hung up one of the two posters, but there was something different about this poster because you could hang flyers in a slot. Then the two of them went to the secretariat, where they wanted to hang up their last poster. The new students always came there at the beginning of the school year. Once there, they knocked briefly on the door and then went inside.
There, behind the desk, sat again the young blond man who had turned off the CD player for them. "Matthew, can we hang one of our posters here?" Ry asked the blonde.Matt looked at the two of them: "Sure, why not. If you put it here, I'll hang it up. But first I have to finish the class lists." The two boys put the poster on the desk and went back into the club room . Thiel looked around briefly and said: "We have to clean up." "And clean the instruments.", Added Ryan. Both were right. Last year they somehow overslept to clean up the room. There were still things from the band everywhere and the instruments had gathered dust.

Matthew was about to hang up the Haven band when the door opened and his father, the director, walked in. "What is Logo?" Asked the blonde. Logo, who was actually called Logan, replied: "The winner of the competition has been decided. And now I know again where the name came from. The winner has already been accepted here, but she turned it down in the end." His son looked at him: "Now that you say it comes back to me." "Oh yes, be so kind and pick Akira from the airport, the plane should land in half an hour." said his father to him. "Sure, I'll do it!" Matt just said, took the car key from his father and left the office.

After a while he arrived at the airport and parked in one of the parking lots, then ran in the airport to Terminal 1A where the arrival of the plane from Los Angeles was. When he arrived at the exit from arrival, there were only a few in front of it, but they were also slowly getting up to go. "Shit, the flight must have come earlier!" Matt cursed, gazing around the terminal and stopping at a young girl with long blonde hair who was perched on a large purple suitcase. A small object bounces up and down next to her. He went up to her and asked: "Um, are you Akira Nuramoto?" The girl turned around, looked at him and nodded briefly. "Thank God, I'm your cousin Matthew Nuramoto, nice to meet you Akira-chan!" he said with a smile. "Nice to meet you too!" the girl muttered. "Come on, my father is waiting impatiently for you!" he said when the girl got up and he took her suitcase. They went to the car, put Akira's things in the trunk, then got in and drove to the academy. Once there, he parked in a parking lot on the school grounds that was a bit out of the way, got out with Akira, took the things from her again and walked along a paved path that led through nature. After a while he stopped in front of a house and said: "I and my father live here, from today you will also live here!" "And who lives in the other two houses?" asked Akira. "The teachers, one for our female and the other for the male." he explained to her. They went into the house and immediately someone came to meet them. "Hello Akira!" Logan said gently and took her in his arms."Hello!" Akira just replied. "Logo, don't crush them !!" Matt said to his father. "Oh, we don't want that!" he laughed and let go of Akira. "Come on I'll show you your room!" said Matt and went up the stairs with her suitcase. Akira followed him. "So that's yours from today, make yourself at home here!" said Matt, opening the door to a nice large room that was painted purple on two walls. "This is really mine?" she asked. Matt nodded and said, "Yes, this is yours! Set it up as you like!"

To be continued ...

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