Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: New students

The next day dawned, today the new students would come, which is why Nathe hoped that some would come to the casting. A blue-haired girl entered the office while Ryan and Nathe were in the club room and went through some lists again. "May I help you?" Matt asked when he saw the girl. "Um, yes, I'm looking for my room and then I would take the school books with me!" said the blue-haired one. "Understand!" said Matt. "What is your name?" he then asked further as he leafed through a long list. "Hinagiku Hayasaki!" answered the girl. Matt started looking. "Ah, here we have it, Hayasaki ...!" he began. "Your room number is 109, here are your room key and your school books!" he then said, after which he took out a pile of books. Hina took the room key, the books and was about to leave when she saw the poster. "These are the Havers, one of the bands at this school, the older members have left this school and so on, there are positions available again!" explained Matt when he saw the girl staring at it. "Thanks!" Hina just said and went now. In the distance she heard a song that she followed until she came to the assembly hall, where many of the new students were already standing[ v = zQhp9A91boE]. "Wow, they are good!" said Hina. "Can you say it out loud!" said a black-haired girl next to her, who was beaming. Hina heard the song end and then went to the room that she was looking for something. The blue-haired woman entered the room and almost had to drop the books. Because instead of entering a room, she entered a small hallway with three doors. As a precaution, she put her things on the floor and was the first to see what was hidden behind the door on the left. There she looked at the bathroom with wide eyes. It was done in light colors. Briefly she looked at everything there, then she went back to take the door on the right, from there she came into the kitchen and when she took the door in the middle in the hallway, she came into the living and sleeping area. She quickly picked up her things and went to the beds. A bag on one stand, so she took the other one.

At the same time the band was still playing in the auditorium. Ryan and Nathaniel were also present. "That is of course the best advertisement," said Nathe. "Yes, but we cannot perform in pairs."; Ryan uttered. The black-haired man looked at the floor and thought. But he was torn from his thoughts by his cell phone and the ringtone gave him an idea. Without further ado, he pushed the caller away and went to the cupboard where they kept some notes and texts. After a short digging he found what he was looking for. Then Reily turned around: "Yes, we can. We haven't played the song for a long time, but it's awesome for it." Now the blue-haired man became curious and came to him to look into the leaves."Right, it could work that way. Do you think you can still get the grades?", Anderson asked his friend, who only answered with a nod. The blue-haired man went to his bass, but took the notes and the lyrics with him. Then he started playing and tuning his bass to the song.

His black-haired friend went to the secretariat for this. There he knocked briefly and then entered. Matthew looked up and waited for the Reily to make his request. "Matthew, can we go to the auditorium today after Ending Moon and play something there?" Thiel asked. "I don't know how you want to do it for two, but I can go in. You should be ready in 20 minutes.", Answered the blonde. Less than two minutes later, the drummer was back with Ryan. "We can be in the auditorium in 20 minutes," he said. The blue-haired nodded and took his bass with the amplifier. Nathe had the advantage that there was always a drum kit downstairs in the auditorium, as this was always the most to carry. So the two found themselves in the auditorium for a few minutes, or rather next to the stage, and waited for them to do it. During this time Nathe played with his drum sticks, he kept throwing them up in order to catch them again. When the band had finished playing and left the stage, the two of them got ready to go straight on. But the pink-haired singers just looked at the two of them mockingly and then said: "Are you errand boys? Or do you really want some pairs for two?" But since the two were used to the teasing of the pink-haired people, they simply ignored them and built everything that way wide open. They heard the other students in the auditorium muttering and sometimes laughing. // They'll stop laughing // thought Ryen and set up a microphone that Nathe wired up. Then both were ready and took position. And no sooner had this happened than the blue-haired man began to pluck the sides of his bass. A few seconds later, Nathe also started. And shortly afterwards the blue-eyed man began to sing.[ v = fL4GPavajhI]

Akira was drawn to the murmur and went to the auditorium. There she had to look around first. She discovered two guys on stage: // They don't really want to play in pairs now? // But to the surprise they did exactly that. "Wow, you have to do that first," she heard someone say next to her. The girl had black hair. Akira looked at her but said nothing more. When the two boys finished, the blue-haired guy briefly picked up the microphone: "As you all have already noticed, there are only two of us left. That's why I would like to briefly tell you that we will be here at 12 noon in two days We are looking for someone for the keyboard, for the guitar and another singer.If you are interested, just come in two days. "The black-haired Cundu decided to take part in this casting." Well, cousin you will also take part? "Matt suddenly asked from behind Akira, who whirled around and then stared at him in shock." Probably not! "