Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: Two girls are gorgeous

Matt looked inquiringly at his cousin, who didn't look at him anymore and walked away. She ran down the hallways of the school and ran into her uncle. "Oh Akari, I was looking for you!" he said. "What's wrong?" asked the blonde. "Tomorrow the winners of the competition will come to us for two weeks and I wanted to ask you to share your room with the two girls from the five people. Of course only if you don't object." said Logan. "Are you friendly or bitch?" asked Akira. "I can reassure you, the two should be very nice, I think you would get on well with them." he just laughed. "Good, then I agree!" Akira said and made her way to the house. She had looked at her new room yesterday and found that it still had a few rooms under the roof and was only accessible through a spiral staircase in her room. Upstairs was the bedroom, a small bathroom and a small living room that went on below. One could look from the small upper living room into the lower one. In short it was like a little apartment for the girl, which she thought was great.

Meanwhile in room 109, Hina wondered who her roommate would be. The turquoise-blue-haired woman was crouching on her bed and looking at a magazine. She actually wanted a bed by the window, but her roommate seemed to have been faster than her. After a while she heard the door being unlocked and someone stepping in. Immediately afterwards the door to the room in which Hina was opened and a black-haired girl entered. "Oh hi, I'm Hinagiku Hayasaki, your roommate! Please call me Hina!" imagined the turquoise-blue-haired one. "Hey. So Hina. I'm Neith Cundu, but you can call me Nei or Ith.", Said the black-haired woman, "Haven't we seen each other in the auditorium before when the band played?" Hina thought for a moment and nodded then. "Did you hear the band after that? They were great too. They only made a performance for two people and it was really good. They are also looking for new members. I think I'll join the casting.", Neith chatted off. Hina kept nodding. "I want to be part of one of the bands too, I think I'll go to the casting then too."

Nathe was traveling alone for a change. Ryan had crawled behind his bass and set it again, cleaned it and practiced diligently. Nathe originally wanted to practice too, but in the end he didn't feel like doing it anymore.
Thiel strolled through the corridors of the Academy and looked around. Many of the bands from last year had scheduled a casting, but some had also broken up and the rest of the members joined the auditions. Thiel remembered that last year they had considered not to break up the band too, but in the end they didn't want the Ended Moon to do that as enough and that is why the two guys had carried on.The black-haired man could still remember his early days at school, when the four boys from Ended Moon were still members of Haven, but the band split into the two through an argument and since then there has been a competition between them.

He wondered how it could get so far back then, because actually it was a really stupid topic that the argument was about, he sighed. "When do we have that one? If that's not Nathe!" grinned Takeo, he played the electric guitar in the band Ended Moon. "Oh leave me alone!" said Nathe. "Hey, don't be so rude!" said Takeo and stood in front of Nathe. "Get out of my way, I don't feel like arguing with you!" said Nathe calmly. "So, so! One thing is already certain!" began Mariko. "Rivets, stay rivets!" she laughed after a while. "Mari, that's enough!" She admonished Jacob, the band's bass player, he was one of the three who didn't become as cocky as the others. But he was the only one of them you could talk to in peace. You could also talk to Noha and Manuel, but it was very difficult for them to let others get in touch with them. "No matter how you try, you will always lose to us because you are losers, the only thing that brings you luck is that you are friends with the Direx's son and he always takes protection from you. I tell you one thing Nathe, there is no one at this school, but also no one who can beat my voice! " said Mariko. The girl was the singer but only new to the band, and she really had a great voice as the other students liked to say. But Nathe also knew that Ended Moon was also looking for new members, because this year the four boys graduated and would successfully pass the academy exams. But Mariko would only go to this school for two more years and she would certainly do everything possible to make these two years hell for them, that was certain. But even now they had enough problems, they had to make sure that Ended Moon didn't ruin the casting for them, because they had already done one and this time they would be prepared. Another problem was that Mariko was right, that there really wasn't anyone here who could hold a candle to her singing, but what about the new students? There had to be at least one of them who could hold a candle to the pink-haired one, if not better than her. "But you will see it already!" said Mariko and walked away. Three of the boys followed her like little dogs, only Jacob had stopped and looked at Nathe. "I'm sure you will find someone!" he said before following Mariko as well. Nathe looked after the tall, blond one. It was just like that, Jacob was someone who couldn't be really mad at anyone. Jacob was a nice guy, but Nathe couldn't understand why he had gone with the others, it was a real puzzle for him that he couldn't solve.Meanwhile, the two girls got along wonderfully. "What, have you really been to a pyramid?" asked Hina. "Sure, a friend of my father's is an archaeologist and often takes me along, it's really great, especially the wall paintings." declared Nei. "I wish my parents would always take me with them. But instead I have to deal with perverts!" said Hina. "Hey, if we're famous, we can do whatever we want anyway, you just make it up. But let's go to sleep, it's getting late!" grinned Nei. "Is good!" said Hina and turned off the light.

To be continued ...

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