Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: Strips

The next day at the Academy of Music, Matt and Akria made two more beds in the girl's bedroom. "Matt, I'm going to pick up the winners!" Logan called from below. "Sure, I'll get the beds and rooms ready together with Akria!" Matt called back loudly before the door closed behind his father. Matt dropped onto the sofa after the two beds were made up. "You are lazy!" Akira said to get to the beds. "I just need a little break!" said Matt. After a while the beds for the five people were ready, so Akira went into the kitchen and started cooking. Matt was messing with the Academy paperwork.

Meanwhile at the airport. "Now, Sota, hurry up! I'm not in the mood to be late at the meeting point!" Yuna complained. Mika just stood next to her and didn't really know what to do. "I shouldn't have packed that much!" said Sota. "You said that at the airport in Japan!" said Kaito. "The way you sound, you are the winners of the two weeks." they were suddenly interrupted by Logan, who was standing behind them. "You can't say it like that! Mika is the winner and took us away!" explained Yuna. "Then I must have hit the mark!" said Logan. "You have to be the director! Nice to meet you, my name is Mika, Sayori Taramaru!" said Mika calmly. "I really didn't think that the director would pick us up personally!" said Taichi. "Well, would you prefer to be picked up by my son?" grinned Logan. "By the way, I'm Logan Nuramoto!" he said then. "I'm Yuna Sorano! I'm happy!" said the brown-haired one. "Did you just say, Sorano?" asked Logan. "Um yes!" replied Yuna. "I know someone with that name, I think his name was Masao Sorano!" Logan said and thought. "Masao Sorano is my father!" the brown-haired woman explained proudly. "Hm, no wonder why you look so much like him!" said Logan suddenly. That Kaito, Taichi, Sota and Mika had to laugh. "But let's keep talking in the Academy!" Logan just said and took all the suitcases from them. "Isn't that too difficult?" asked Mika. "That is nothing compared to the mountains of paperwork that I often have to drag!" Logan just replied and carried the suitcases to the car as if they weighed nothing. "You are really pretty strong!" said Sota. "What!" Logan said and stowed the suitcases in the trunk while the five of them got into the car. Just like Akira before, the six drove to the Academy and parked in the same parking lot. "Well here we are!" Logan said as he put the handbrake on and then got out. "I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!" called Yuna. "Nana, take it easy!" said Taichi. Mika grabbed her suitcase from the trunk and waited for the others. The others also took their suitcases out of the trunk, except for Sota, whose suitcase was too heavy and he could hardly carry it himself."Come on, I'll take him with me!" Logan said, took the suitcase and closed the trunk before he went down the narrow path.

Everyone followed him, Mika noticed that Logan took out his key and was walking towards a large house. "Yuna, you seldom see such a beautiful house!" she whispered to the brown-haired one who agreed with her. Logan unlocked the door and let in the five who were sooner storming into the house. "WOW! I never thought I'd live in such a fancy house, even if it's only for two weeks!" called Yuna. "Matt, Akria, come on and say hello to our guests!" called Logan. Immediately afterwards, a door opened and a little pink something bounced towards the six. "What the hell is that?" asked the brown-haired and took a closer look at this before she fell on her back in a frightened way because this something: "Hello, are you okay? Hello, are you okay?" said. "THAT CAN SPEAK YES!" yelled Yuna, Akira immediately came around the corner and caught the little something. Immediately afterwards Akira landed on the floor with a dark face and said: "I have you!" Her hands had grasped the thing and she could not let go of it. "May I introduce this is Akira!" said Logan with a sigh. The blonde looks up at them and immediately turned bright red. That the brown-haired thought that with every second, she's about to explode. Akira immediately jumped up and ran away. "Striped ..." said Taichi. "I saw it too!" it now came from Sota. Yuna's eyes sparkled evil and she cracked her hands. "MAN, I SOMETIMES REALLY ASK WHERE YOU LOOK EVERYWHERE! YOUR PERVERSLING!" Yuna suddenly yelled. "Um, Yuna you are overdoing it!" Mika said calmly. "Calm down! Akira is always like this! Almost everything is embarrassing for you!" now explained Matt. "May I introduce Matthew, my son!" Logan smiled. "If you were older, I would go with you right away!" he grinned at Mika, who turned red like a tomato. "Don't hold it against him, he likes to flirt with girls who look pretty!" sighed Logan.

"A question, where are our rooms?" asked Mika. "Oh, you girls share the room with Akria and the boys share the guest room!" Logan explained now. "Come on I'll show you!" said Matt, took Sota's suitcase and went up the stairs. At the top he said: "The next door down the hall on the left is Akira's room, you boys come with me!" The two girls ran down the right hallway before they stopped in front of the first left door, knocked and then entered. They came into a living room. "What's going on here?" Yuna wondered. "Don't you know something like that?" asked Mika. "What the?" said the glasses wearer. "Something like that is a double-story room. You could call it a small apartment!" explained Mika, the brown-haired one. "Ah, slowly it dawned on me!" Yuna said and went up the stairs with Mika, where they were amazed. They came into another living room, which was very inviting."I think I could get used to that!" Yuna said and went into the next room. As luck would have it, this was Akira's bedroom, who was crouching under her covers, only her eyes could be seen under the covers, which Yuna and Mika were staring at all the time. "I feel observed!" said the brown-haired, who only now noticed Akira under the blanket. "Um, hello, we couldn't really introduce ourselves earlier, this is Yuna and I'm Mika, we are happy to meet you!" said Mika kindly. Now Akira's head peeked out from under the covers and she said very shyly and quietly: "I'm Elena, Akira, Sayuri Nuramoto the granddaughter of Logan, just call me Akira!"

To be continued ...

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