Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: Battle for the dessert

"Good to know, we'll show him where the hammer is!" said Neith resolutely. "But a hundred per!" assured Hina. "We can only show her if we find someone who has a better voice and who can really sing better than her. Because she hates everyone who is better than her and that annoys her totally." explained Nathe. "I agree with him, and I think I know someone better than you." Matt grinned. "And who please?" asked Ryan. "Find out, I'm not going to help you who it is. Besides, she would never forgive me! Oops!" it came from Matt. "Well one thing we know, the person is a girl, let's look for her!" grinned Hina. "You know how many there are at the school, it's like finding a needle in a haystack!" said Neith. "Can you say it out loud!" Nathe grumbled, giving Matt a penetrating look. "I'm sorry you four, but my life is at stake if I tell you this!" said the blonde. "And you really can't give us a tip?" asked Hina. "I already have, but I'm pretty sure you will meet her soon!" laughed the young man and left the auditorium. "You Neith-chan, we haven't introduced ourselves yet!" Hina suddenly remembered. "Right, my name is Nathaniel Reily, I'm the drummer, please call me Nathe!" began the black-haired one. "My name is Ryan Anderson, I'm the bass player, I'm happy!" grinned the blue-haired. "This is Neith Cundu and my name is Hinagiku Hayasaki, you can call me Hina!" said the turquoise-haired woman and, like Neith, smiled pleasantly. "Well, as I said before, Mariko from Ended Moon and Takeo are not exactly good at speaking to us, to be honest, Takeo and Haven originally belonged together, but because of a nonsensical argument the five left the band and are now the hostile band Ended moon. " Rayn started to tell. "Really, but what about the other three you didn't mention?" asked Neith. "They are fine, Manuel and Noha, only have the problem that they don't let others get to them and as far as Jacob is concerned, I still don't understand why he messes with them, he's very friendly and not such an idiot Mariko and Takeo. " said Nathe. "Another question, what's the guy's name?" asked Neith. "His name is Matthew Nuramoto." answered Rayn. "Isn't that the director's last name?" ask Hina. "Yes, he's his son after all!" grinned Nathe. "Ehhhhhhhhh! Not your first!" both girls called. "But!" both boys answered together.

After that was also clarified, the four looked at the clock, it was already 3 p.m. "We just talked for an hour!" said Neith, astonished. "Right!" grinned Hina. "Hey, do you want to have ice cream?" Nathe asked suddenly. "I'm there!" Rayn called immediately. "It was clear! And you two?" asked Nathe. "Sure, if you pay!" Neith grinned nastily. "After me, don't worry." he laughed and so they made their way to the ice cream parlor, when they were there they ordered and then sat down at one of the free tables, today there were really a lot of students here and ate ice cream."When does school actually start?" asked Neith. "Tomorrow and from there the deadline for the winners of the competition begins!" said Rayn. "Winner? Which winners?" asked Hina. "The competition takes place almost every year, as the director is in the mood and whoever wins it can go to this school for two weeks." now explained Nathe. "Cool, you mean, so that others also have the chance to be at this school one day?" asked Hina, together with Nathe. "Exactly, the school has only a limited number of admissions because of the residential buildings. There used to be single rooms, but in order to be able to accommodate even more students, the residential buildings were completely rebuilt over the summer vacation and even added on. As much as Matt has said, his father has hired a whole squad of craftsmen, electricians and other people to do the renovations. They made the impossible possible and, as you can see, they did a miracle! " the boys grinned. "Right, but what I wonder, where does the director live?" asked Neith after a while. "I don't know for sure either, but it should be here somewhere on the premises." answered Rayn. "You mean nobody knows that, he's like a ghost, he pops up here and there and disappears again. I don't know how he does it!" said Nathe and yawned heartily. "Can you talk about me?" suddenly asked a voice behind them. The girls screeched in shock while the boys fell from their chairs in shock. The man in front of them grinned at the four. "So, um, we!" stuttered Hina. "It's okay, as long as there's nothing bad. Everything's fine, but I'll keep an eye on you anyway, we understand each other." He said and then he was gone again. "Tha'ts what I meant!" said Nathe and rubbed his backside. "I'm starting to think he's crazy!" said Neith. "Who are you telling that!" Hina continued to grin. They talked until it was time for dinner, said goodbye, and went to their homes. They would see each other in class tomorrow, depending on who was staying where. During dinner, Neith argued with a girl about the last bowl of dessert. Neith hadn't got one yet and the girl still wanted her portion. "HOW OFTEN DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT! THIS IS MINE AND YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR PORTION, SO DON'T USE MY!" she screamed. "BUT I HAVE ONLY SEEN HIM IF YOU JUST LET IT STAND! IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM!" the redhead yelled at the Cundu. Suddenly a woman came into the room and screamed, everyone's ears ringing: "DAMN AGAIN, CLARIS THE DESERT BELONGS TO THE GIRL! AND BUT NOT ANYONE!" Hina sat down. "Won!" she said satisfied, whereupon Hina just shook her head. After dinner everyone went to their rooms, Hina immediately disappeared into the bathroom and showered before throwing herself on the sofa next to Neith and watching TV with her until the lights were off and the girls crawled into bed.To be continued ...

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