Lebe und denke nicht an Morgen


One shot

Lost in thought she stared at the wide sea. The endless sea.
A body of water that can cause unpredictable things, such as feelings.

The orange-haired sighed as silent tears trickled down her cheeks. The broken heart pounded and the burning wound opened again.
It would never heal.
With a short sob, the navigator remembered his words:
Live and don't think about tomorrow!
"You idiot.", Nami whispered. "Why did you leave us?"


He was acting very strangely. Others wouldn't find it unusual if they didn't know Luffy. The black-haired man had been very calm for days. That wasn't his way at all.
"Aren't you all right, Luffy? Do you want me to play a song for you?" Brook asked politely.
"I would like to hear one of your songs, but this roar in my head just doesn't go away.", The straw hat explained absently.
That was the first time he'd told his crew what was wrong with him.
"A booming head?", Chopper was startled. "I'll examine you right away!"
"That won't be necessary. They go away, but they come back every morning," Luffy explained to the doctor.
"That can't be good! Let me examine you! Not that you've caught anything!"
The captain sat unmotivated on the figurehead.
Didn't move.
Just looked at Chopper.
"It can't go on like this! I'll examine you!", Determined the moose, mutated and brought Luffy into his hospital room.
The black-haired man didn't even fight back.

"Strange.", Said Nami, who had observed everything.
"He's not going to have an upset stomach, have he?" Suggested Usopp.
"I have the suspicion too.", Sanji said and drew on his cigarette.
"Why is that?" Asked Franky and lifted his sunglasses.
"He's been eating very little for a few days," the blonde explained.
"Something is completely wrong with that! It will not be because we are approaching the fish man island and he recently burst with anticipation.", Said Lorenor Zorro, who had broken off his training.
"Chopper knows what he's doing. He'll be able to help Luffy.", The archaeologist encouraged her friends.
"Let's hope so," Sanji agreed and stubbed out his cigarette.

"Breakfast!", Sanji woke his people.
The blonde had been surprised that his captain hadn't been hanging around in the kitchen for hours and annoying him. Hehad to be sick. Sanji couldn't think of anything else.
"Tomorrow!" The navigator greeted the cook.
"Good morning, Nami sweetheart! I prepared an orange soufflé especially for you!", Sanji pranced around her.
"Thank you, that's very generous.", The orange-haired replied with a slight grin.
But her smile wasn't real. She was seriously worried about Luffy.
"Where is the wolverine actually?"Usopp brought everyone back to reality, since he was the last to enter the room.
He was right. Luffy wasn't in the galley.
Something was wrong!
"I'm going to have a look!" Zorro pityed himself and marched into the black-haired man's cabin.
But he wasn't there.
'Where can this bang-out bag be? 'thought the swordsman desperately.
Suddenly Zorro heard suspicious noises from the bathroom.
"Luffy? Are you all right?", The green-haired man called and heard these sounds again.
No, those weren't any tones, but a choking.
", shouted Zorro and pounded wildly on the door.
Only one more choke could be heard.
"Damn it!", Zorro swore and opened the door.
He wondered why the door wasn't locked.
"What's the matter with you, Ru ...", the green-haired man began.
The sight that met him was horrific.
The black-haired man sat pale as a sheet in front of the toilet and vomited, although it must have been more than the contents of his stomach.
"I'll get chopper!", Zorro overcame his stiffness and quickly ran out the door.

"It's not looking good for him," the moose confessed to his friends, who were waiting for the diagnosis.
"What is it Chopper? What's bothering him so?" Asked Robin restlessly.
"I'm not sure, but it seems ... it seems ..." Chopper sniffed.
"What now? Tell me!", Sanji urged.
"It seems to be a malignant tumor!" The doctor howled, heartbreaking.
"But you can operate on something like that!", Nami interjected, worried.
Remain silent.
"You can't operate it?" Asked the navigator, horrified, when she saw the sad face of Chopper.
Silence again.
"It seems to be in the head. With Luffy's strength, I don't know how the operation would go.", Chopper informed the group.
"So I'm going to die?" Said a shaky voice that said what no one was able to do.
"Luffy!", Nami put her hand over her mouth so as not to sob out loud.
"Excuse me guys for causing you such distress."
"Stop talking nonsense like that!" Zorro grumbled.
"I just say the truth."
An eerie silence followed, while no one dared to look Luffy in the eye.
"How much longer do I have?" Asked the straw hat.
"I can't say exactly, it always has a different effect. Especially since I don't know exactly where he is sitting.", Chopper sobbed and tears ran down his face.
A faint grin appeared on the sick man's face.
"Then I'll just enjoy the rest of the time!"

"I can't take it anymore!", Nami confessed to the black-haired woman her worries in the woman's room.
"The thing with Luffy leaves none of us indifferent," replied Robin.
"Robin." Cried the navigator. "Only now do I notice how important he is to me!"
"What do you mean by that?" Asked Nico Robin, confused.
"I ... I have ... I fell in love with ... Luffy ...!", Nami managed to get out between the crying attacks.
The archaeologist didn't think she was hearing properly.
Had her best friend fallen in love with the seriously ill captain who was dying?
His condition steadily deteriorated. Very unusual, as they and Chopper thought, but there was nothing they could do for him.
They all felt helpless.

"How are you?", Nami asked slowly and clearly, because Luffy was getting heavier and less witty.
His condition worsened day by day. Hour after hour. There was no stopping it.
Empty eyes looked at her and her heart broke at this horrific sight.
Soundless. Without any emotion.
"Yeah, I'm here, Luffy."
The navigator met a gentle smile.
"Thanks for being there. It means a-lot to me, Na-mi.", The straw hat began to stutter.
Another feature that made him feel worse again.
"Shh, take it easy!", Nami warned slightly and covered his face with her hands to calm Luffy.
"Everything will be fine!", Nami assured him.
What hypocrisy! She didn't believe it herself!
"Da-an-k-ke.", The captain managed.
Fortunately, Luffy didn't see the tear that made its way down Nami's cheek.

"It's terrible!" Groaned the moose, discouraged.
"What's going on?", Asked Sanji.
"I just checked Luffy's blood!" Chopper howled.
"Can you help him?", Usopp asked immediately and hope sprouted in everyone.
"No, it is actually much worse!", The doctor stood there tearfully.
"How could that happen?", Usop was startled.
"I don't know! As a doctor, I failed!" Chopper wailed.
"You didn't fail, Chopper!", Lorenor Zorro reassured the little one.
"Yes! Otherwise I could have treated this virus right from the start! But now it's too late! It has spread throughout the body! The virus drives the tumor! It won't have more than a few days!"
"Don't say it's true!" Gasped Nami, who had just entered the room.
Chopper hung his head in shame.
"Yes. He caught a rare virus. It accelerates the growth of the tumor, which is why Luffy is so bad," the moose explained.
"[i]You have to prevent it!
", Nami yelled at Chopper hysterically.
Choked with tears, she slowly slipped down the door and buried her head in the crossed arms that she had put on her knees.
"Luffy!", Nami sobbed again and again.
Everyone present already knew why her friend was so close. Or they suspected it.

"Zorro?", Chopper asked carefully after he came out of the black-haired man's room.
"Huh?" The swordsman looked up.
"Luffy wants to speak to you."
Amazed, Zorro went into the room where the seriously ill lay.

So all crew members took turns. Luffy had something to say to everyone.
He always talked to them for several hours, so that the days passed and they became familiar with the fish man island orapproached the Sabaody Archipelago.
The orange-haired woman was getting more and more nervous. Her captain hadn't called her over yet.
"Nami?" Brook asked carefully.
"What is it? The course is right. We'll be arriving soon," she explained absently.
"Luffy wants to speak to you."
The navigator stared at the skeleton with wide eyes.
Nami struggled to get up, with shaky legs she stumbled in the direction of the hospital room, because Chopper could treat him better because the moose couldn't and wouldn't give up on him.

"Luffy?", Nami asked after she was knocked timidly and asked in.
She was shocked when she saw her captain lying in bed.
Luffy was completely emaciated, after all he had hardly eaten anything and the pain bothered him, although he wanted to hide it from his friends.
"Na-mi ... Sch-nice-n, that you-u-come bi-is.", Replied the straw hat with a stutter.
It almost broke her heart when Nami heard his voice.
So fragile. Weak.
"I'm here!" She replied and grabbed his thin hand.
What did he have to say to her?
Luffy cleared his throat and his whole body trembled. Nami was able to hold back her tears with difficulty.
"I'm sorry that I-t-I asked to myself so late. II-I couldn't help it.", The black-haired struggled to speak a complete sentence.
"I'm not mad at you!", The orange-haired assured softly.
"You always meant a lot to me, Nami," the straw hat admitted.
"Luffy, I ..." she began.
With a great effort, Luffy raised the hand that the navigator was holding.
He kept talking without paying attention to his girlfriend. Luffy straightened up with difficulty.