Lost in Memories

....lost in life

Day after day

on the Grandline

It was a very quiet day on the otherwise busy Grandline. The waves made their way through the vast blue and the rays of the sun danced through the clouds. A light breeze pulled them to their next destination.

I felt the individual rays of the sun, how they occasionally brushed my pale skin. Every single ray warmed me, if only minimally. I didn't hear a single sound other than the sound of the waves and my own breath. A small smile played around my lips as a gentle breeze slipped through my hair. I opened my eyes and saw no further than the wide sea. I've been on this little boat for two years. I was last on the mainland three days ago. I looked around again and looked at my little log port. "Have I lost my way?", A sigh slipped from me and sat down again. The route was actually planned exactly. I should have reached the next island yesterday. I'm slowly but surely running out of provisions. I really hope this damn island shows up soon. It can't be that I misjudged myself so blatantly. I couldn't suppress another sigh and smile that followed. Those quiet days, but they were also beautiful. Not like the last ones, no stress, no annoying people, just me and my little boat on my big journey. My eyes closed and my body relaxed more and more.
// "Jill ... Jillien! ...", a male voice reached my ear. She sounded familiar and at the same time so strange, "Jill! ... get out of here! Get out of here!" When I opened my eyes I was in a cold darkness. She completely enveloped me. I didn't know what was happening here, I didn't know what was coming. I had to be ready for anything. My hand was automatically brought to my hip. Where my sword would normally be. But when I got there, my sword wasn't there. Nothing was where it should be. I felt so defenseless, defenseless and left alone. "Jill ...", a second voice, also from a man. However, they sounded so different. One voice was full of fear, full of panic, but the other, it was full of anger and hatred. Both in the same tone, both equally masculine, but so different. Suddenly I felt so small, so insignificant, at that very moment I was that little girl again. That little defenselesssomething.
One last time these two voices reached my ear. They shouted my name, almost pleadingly, and there was nothing I could do. I could only stand in that black spot. No matter which way I turned, I saw nothing but darkness. The voices fell silent more and more until I only heard a muffled sound. Suddenly this cold turned into enormous heat. It got hot around me. "NO!" I just shouted desperately. But I couldn't change anything ... and it was back. The fire broke out. It completely surrounded me ... //
I woke up from my sleep, startled. I was breathing hard. I grabbed my chest. I noticed how my heart was racing and how my whole body was drenched in sweat. I quickly and firmly reached for a bottle of water on my right, but before I could take anything, the bottle slipped out of my hands. My whole body was trembling.
Each damn the same. Every time this dream, every time these voices ...
"I finally need to know who you are ..."
These dreams, or rather this dream. No matter how it starts, it always ends with these voices and this fire. This dream was the reason for my trip.Since I was little, I have no memory of what I was, what I am, what I did or what happened. The last thing I can remember is when I was twelve. Everything before that burned up with the fire in my dream. My skills and my name is all that's left. I slowly calmed down again. Because the more I tried to remember my past, the more it hurt inside me. So now I had to stop worrying myself. I would have to continue my journey. Because only in this way would I get to the end of my journey, only by continuing, would I get everything that I am missing again. Then all questions would finally be cleared up. Then I would finally know who I am again.
A laugh came out of my throat. Finally the island! I moored my boat in a small bay and left it. Before that, I put on my cloak and sword. At least I tried to remain inconspicuous. So I walked the island with full confidence and full of courage. I had no idea what was to come that day.

So that was the prologue. A quick glimpse into the story and yes, I don't think there is much more to say. :)
Maybe briefly about my writing style. I always write from the first person, as you have already noticed. Before that I always write briefly where someone is and what it currently looks like in that place. I've also jumped from person to person throughout my story.
When I look at something from the past or a dream, or something similar, this is always in //.....//
Yes, that's it. Thanks for reading and leave a comment.
Have a good time,
your Jule. <3