Fanfic: Auf der Jagd

Chapter: Freaked out

Merle listened attentively for the slightest movement while she crouched in a dark corner. Her captors were hot on her heels. Despite the closed shutters above her, she could closely follow their dull steps. Four pairs of feet groped their way through the street on the other side of the wall in their direction. The room that gave her refuge was tiny and completely empty except for a rough table and an orphaned shelf. How extinct.
Just as she was level with her pursuers, Merle's lips played a mischievous smile. She pushed the shutters aside and reached for the nearest victim. Accompanied by a shrill scream, she pulled the soldier into her hiding place. He's young, she noticed as her claws made a red trail down his throat. Before his comrades reacted, she was on the go and fled into the adjacent stairwell.
At the top of the staircase she crouched in wait again. The boots followed her loudly.
She fell upon the owner of the first couple from below. A grip on his throat and it too was stained red. With a half-turn, she slipped past him and blocked his colleague's sword arm. Another step down the stairs brought her behind him as her claw wet his throat as well. The last soldier stared up at her from the top of the stairs. She lunged at him and released him too.
Then she fled. Merle was halfway down the hall to the street when she let the groans from the kitchen and the stairs give in. It must have been a bit tough after all. Sighing, she turned to her victims and helped the last one to his feet.
"You weren't that bad," she assured the men. “But in the fight against the marked you must never part. The only advantages you have are your superior numbers and your weapons.” Dejected, the two guards stumbled down the stairs from above. Meanwhile, the first dead man from the room joined them, ashamed.
"You had a good grip on our swords, Your Highness." Objected the group leader.
"Why didn't you use your grenades?"
The prospective sergeant threw a skeptical look at the cardboard dummies on his belt. When in use, a miniature detonator should spray the paint contained within a meter.
"We can't throw any of these things into a room where one of our comrades is."
"That explains your hesitation in the kitchen, but what about the stairs? I would have been an easy target in my hiding place and you knew I was up there."
"Forgot," the soldier admitted. Now Merle became strict.
“Practice using the grenades until you drop!” She instructed the four men. “Take cover, put a grenade in, storm, at this rhythm!” The officer was about to confirm her order when the girl rejected him with a gesture. Tense, she turned to the front door and straightened her ears. "Do you hear that?" She asked everyone, but the only answer she received was perplexity and a shrug. However, if she paid attention, the low pounding and rumbling repeated itself over and over again. Carefully she peered down the street from the front door. A humanoid monster made of silver-white metal came towards them between the facades.
"A guymelef."
A smaller model with a wasp waist and broad shoulders. Whereby small was relative. The machine measured a story and a half. A guymelef for house-to-house warfare, she thought, and for the sheer analysis almost ignored the giant's blunt arm, which rose and pointed in her direction.
Two hasty steps into the house later, the door frame was speckled blue exactly where she had just been. The guymelef could actually miss some color! Damn it would hurt a hit anyway.
"Quick! Escape through the back door of the house and leave the village!"", Merle ordered cheerfully.
"Why?" Asked the boy from the kitchen. "Isn't the guymelef our reinforcement?"
"The timing of the attack is too bad for that. I think the pilot is assuming that you are dead and will shoot anything that moves."
"Aren't you coming with me?" asked the sergeant in Spe. Merle gave him a disarming smile.
"I'm still alive."
Then she sprinted across the street into the alley across the street. She missed a ball of paint by meters wide.
A hothead, Merle concluded, as the guymelef was now changing pace. The tremors in his footsteps quickly grew louder.
Where? She would be an easy target on any street. Only two narrow alleys in the shape of a T-junction could offer her cover, but there weren't too many and she didn't know the village. Any house in which to seek refuge would be an easy target for the Guymelef. She had to hide somewhere where she wouldn't be suspected. Her eyes fell on the roofs. So upstairs. She sprinted to the end of the alley and turned onto the parallel street. Just in time, as the splashing blue colored half-timbered wall next to it suggested.
Regardless of property, she kicked in the door and stormed up the steep stairs in the hallway. On the first floor, another step opened the wooden shutters. With swing and claws in the window frame, she catapulted herself onto the roof, feet first. However, she took a few protruding bricks that shattered in the paved courtyard.
Merle cursed. She had to change position. A familiar hiss startled her. Behind her she just saw a pillar of fire shoot over the roof.
As fast as the crooked ground would allow, she hunched over to the next alley that closed the block. She would cross it and look for the next opportunity to cross the road away from her hunter. Could she jump far enough?
The deafening noise of metal on brick tore them from their plans. Driven by unhealthy curiosity, she ventured over the ridge to the roof side of the alley. One look was enough and she almost fell from laughing stifled. However she had managed, the pilot had foreseen her plans and stormed into the gap between the houses to get to the other street. Now her guymelef was stuck with his shoulders in the walls. Like a trapped bear, the machine turned without coming back or forward.
What the machine lacked in size, it had also lost strength, Merle concluded, and decided to help the young woman in the machine. Even if the fire that she had started herself should bring down the block, she might not be able to free her guymelef in time. It could burn up.
Merle fell right in the machine's field of vision.
"Calm down, Serena!" Instructed the pilot. "Get out! The block is on fire and we have to get out of here."
Instead of an answer came a roar and the Guymelef's efforts multiplied. The cat warrior sighed and walked towards the monster. Maybe there was a button or something.
Silver claws shot out of the stump of the arm and hit the walls.
Hitomi's exclamation in her head choked off Merle's scream. Instead, everything happened very slowly and as if remote controlled she stretched her arms towards the walls. A crackle slipped through her fingertips. The Guymelef's claws tore the stones from their anchors and the rubble fell inexorably towards Merle.
I got you.
Curved lightning flashed over the girl, where the debris hit an invisible barrier above her and slid past her to the ground.
Serena's Guymelef was now free and also hit Merle's shield.Merle's eyes focused on the raging machine as if by magic. Another thought crossed her mind.
Calm down!
As if the steel beast had heard the order, his knees buckled under her and the Guymelef slumped. Finally the grip in Merle's head came off too. They also no longer wanted to carry their legs. She just managed to support herself on the Guymelef when she too fell into blackness.

Merle blinked open her eyes, but instead of on a battlefield, she woke up in a soft four-poster bed with Astorian decor around her. Groaning, she felt for her head and straightened up. What a crazy dream!
"Unfortunately it wasn't a dream.", Hitomi contradicted regretfully. The girl looked in amazement at her sister, who was standing next to her bed. She wore a rich, elegant, royal dress with gold embroidery. Regardless of her expensive presentation, she sank enviously and leaned down. She disappeared completely from Merle's field of vision. The girl crawled frantically to the edge of the bed and saw her queen kneeling in front of her with her folded body, hunched back and her forehead pressed onto her hands, which were laid flat on the floor in front of her.
"I'm sorry!" Pleaded Farnellia's ruler. "I never intended to use this power, and yet I did!"
"What happened?" Merle asked confusedly.
"I controlled you, forced my will on your body! This was the only way I could transfer my powers to you."
"The shield ..." concluded Merle.
"That's the only way I could save you."
"How is that possible?"
"Your oath of allegiance together with our mind connection enables me to control you like a doll at all times. When I realized that I can ... well, I thought I didn't have to tell you, as I had sworn to myself this Never use force. "
Merle felt bile rise within him. Anger simmered in her and threatened to boil over.
"Go!", Merle ordered her in a voice that was difficult to control. No, she wouldn't lose two sisters in one day. Hopefully.
"Please forgive me." Hitomi asked again and broke up. The girl was left alone. She tried compulsively to organize thoughts, to no avail. Her head was full of bricks and she needed someone to talk to. Someone she trusted and who wasn't part of her family. Sighing, she let herself fall on the soft mattress and surrendered again to the depth.