YGO - Und die eiskalten Wahrheiten

Episode 1: The heart of the cards


GOLDEN BOX: * will rangeZOOOOMt *

NARRATOR OR WHAT IT SHOULD BE: "Many centuries ago, the ancient Egyptians played
Pharaohs a game. The game of shadows! "

BLOONA: "Boa. Sounds pretty mysterious, doesn't it? The old guys had nothing else to do
Pharaohs. Building pyramids is sort of out of out. "

SKY: "Well, always mummifying the deceased and worshiping gods is total in the long run
dreary. I'd rather play games there too. "

BLOONA: "Or in the long run it was just too disgusting for them to put their brains through their noses at the mummies
remove ... Um, I digress. Continue in the text narratorfutzi! "

NARRATOR OR WHAT IT SHOULD BE: "But the game ended in a war, which is the whole
Threatened to destroy the world. "

BLOONA: "Of course, the two world wars only happened because MauMau was too boring for them."

SKY: "Or because one of those involved was a bad loser."

NARRATOR OR WHAT IT SHOULD BE: "But a courageous and powerful Pharaoh banished them
released magic in seven mystical objects. "

MYSTICAL OBJECTS: * raining from the sky *

SKY: "Ouch. If someone gets on the head, there's a big bump."

BLOONA: "This is exactly what aspirin was invented for." * Surreptitious advertising *

COURAGEOUS AND MIGHTY PHARAOH: "Hey, I did it so well, why do they call me then
not by name ?! "

BLOONA: * raising eyebrows in question * "Don't give a shit, it was your brother anyway
When writing a story, you never know how it will end in the beginning. That happens by the way. "

NARRATOR: "Five thousand years later, a boy named Yugi revealed the secret of the
Millennium puzzles. "

BLOONA: "Wow, the ancient Egyptians knew English? How awesome. Ok, it sounds like a millennium puzzle
pretty stupid. "

NARRATOR: Damn it, let me finish here. Actually, I already have
End of working day!"

BLOONA: "Yes, yes, but just hurry up a bit and get to the point. That’s here, yes
not even started properly. "

NARRATOR: "Yes, I do, so continue with the text: The old, mystical energies flowed through
him ... oh ass licking ... he did it blah, is now almost as great as the pharaoh from back then and so on
mighty like Superman blah and blah blah… fate…. blah ... you already know that and for them you don't
know the crap of fate will be repeated almost every episode, so ... And all over again
to emphasize, that was 5000 years ago. Why I didn't say that in the first sentence, know
no one but probably would have been 3 times too stupid, so it's good, have fun. Bye! "

BLOONA: "Is he gone? Who hired him? * Looking around * Well finally, then yes
let's go. "

SKY: "Hey, I can't help it. Good staff is hard to come by. The guys from her
HR departments can experience something. "

TITLE MUSIC: * is played *

PRELOAD: * running *

- School-

YUGI: "Joey ...."

JOEY: ...

YUGI: "Hey, Joey ..."

JOEY: ...

YUGI: "Dude, go now!"

SKY: * shake his head * "Joey was always difficult to understand."

TRISTAN: "Joey, speak, or have you forgotten that again?"

JOEY: "Shut up, I'm learning a very demanding children's card game that I will play in the future
can resolve all of my differences and problems. "

JOEY: * plays a card *

TEA: "And Yugi is the total crack in the game! And because I have no idea about it and
Actually, I've only just gotten into it, I'll explain the game now. So there is one
Number and there. And if that one number is zero, you've lost, it's easy, right?"* be proud *

BLOONA: "Just shut up, please just shut up!" * Hair up *

SKY: "Boa. The sight of Tea and her voice border on serious bodily harm."

BLOONA: "Great, go on Sky, we're suing them for compensation for pain and suffering. Muahaha!"

SKY: "Do you seriously believe that something can be obtained from them?"

JOEY: "And because I played a card now, was that a hammer move or Yugi? I have now
definitely won. "

YUGI: * plays a card *

YUGI: "No, my move is much hotter than yours, I put the card down a lot better than you, so I did
I won."

EVERYONE: * Cheer * Jay, Yugi you are the greatest! And so much better than us. "

YUGI: "Oh, I just have better cards than all of you put together. My grandpa always gets me
very hot goods. And that's why you never have and never will have a chance against me. Muahahaha! "

SKY: "Snails can ski with the slime."

JOEY: "Even though we are best friends and have known each other for so long, we had no idea
that your grandpa has a game shop and that you sit right at the source and always finish us off
can do. Come on guys, let's ambush Yugi's grandpa. "

YUGI: "Really cool, maybe he'll show his super rare card with it
it's really worth it, he has never seen you, but he'll definitely do that. "

KAIBA: * is totally disinterested and everything is past his ass *

BLOONA: "The guy has a million dollar company and money like hay but goes into one anyway
normal school? I think he just feels like beating or beating someone up on a regular basis
offend. Or is he just there because of Joey ... "

SKY: "You shouldn't have said that out loud."

PUPPYSHIPPER: * storm in the door * "Jay, Kaiba sweetheart Joey!" * Explode in a moment *

BLOONA: * throws himself tired of life in front of the door and the shipper out, blocks the door with his back *
"If only I hadn't said anything!"

SKY: "But really, where do they come from anyway? Is the insane asylum free again?

KAIBA: * suddenly listens * "Super rare card? I don't know the name and it will be
other Super Rare cards, but that's for sure
the one I want! "

- game store -

YUGI: "Hey Gray Cap, I'm back! And I brought annoying groupies with me. Even though you have them
have never seen and your card is totally valuable, just show them! "

ALL: * begging, begging, begging *

GRANDFATHER: "Look, the white dragon with the totally cold look that is so cold that even them
Hell freezes over. There are only 4 of them, strange number but ok maybe if one gets lost, then
there are three and that makes a difference, doesn't it? "

EVERYONE: * stare in awe at a worthless piece of paper with a great-sounding name *

DOOR: * will be opened *

KAIBA: "Actually, I can't and don't want to be here, because otherwise my great and multi-million dollar company
goes down the drain, but I'm still there to show you how rich in stones I am. Bring her

JOEY: "You also play duel monsters? I only heard about it today and learned it, and once
played but do we want to play together? "

KAIBA: "With you I only play cliff jumping without water, you start. I'll do you
ready when shuffling the cards. I'm number 1, the champion, the greatest of the greats, the
King of the duelists and you are ... The dust under my feet. "

BLOONA: "Oha the beginning of the great Joey Kaiba war and the basis of countless more or more
less, rather less, good FFs and dream of the sleepless nights of puppy shippers. " *stiffens
awesome *

PUPPYSHIPPER: * break the door open with a battering ram * "KAIBA, JOEY where are you!"BLOONA: "Damn it, I did it again." * FF unpacks with Kaiba and a woman, wagging ahead
Puppyshipper eyes around it *

PUPPYSHIPPER: * hiss, back away *

BLOONA: * replaces the door with a steel door, throws away the key * "I have to be careful what I say.

SKY: * BLOONA glare * "If you say this word with P again, I'll be stuck
cover your mouth with duct tape. Got it?"

BLOONA: * goes into the corner and is ashamed *

KAIBA: * slaps suitcase on the table * "Give me the card and I'll give you 1000 others."


KAIBA: "Like many other pimples, I've got money on my ass, I'll pay you for the thing. How much is a piece
Cardboard 8.5cm long and 5.9cm wide worth it? I offer you 1 cent! "

SKY: "When it comes to pimples, Kaiba probably speaks from experience."


KAIBA: "I'll blow you one!"

SKY: "It would sink soooo low? I wouldn't even trust Kaiba to do that."

BLOONA: "The boy is really desperate!" xD

GRANDFATHER: "I got the card from another rickety old geezer and that's why I bought it
Principle: Nope. "

KAIBA: "You, you .... * howls * I want to, but I want!" * Throws himself on the floor *

GRANDFATHER: "Grandfather says: No."

KAIBA: * jumps up again * Then I have to send men dressed in black to you
then kidnap then I can finish you off and take the card from you so I can tear it up
can. "* leaves the store *

ALL OTHER PRESENT: * look stupid *

- Spieleladen the 2nd -

MAN IN BLACK: "Come with us!"

GRANDFATHER: "No, but ok I'll come with you to show your rich pee where the hammer hangs,
uh, where the heart and soul are in the worthless scraps of paper we are currently fighting over. "

- Spieleladen the 3rd -

YUGI: "Well, where is he?"

JOEY: "Maybe in the loo, or play bingo, or children of some kind
Shoo lawns or swallow Viagra or something old
People otherwise pretend. "

Telephone rings*

KAIBA: "Hey Yugi, your old man is here and not in the toilet, or playing bingo, or playing
Shoo children off lawns or swallow Viagra or whatever old people do
to pretend. It's best if you come by too, then there's a nice messy one
Family reunion."

- Kaiba's company -

GRANDFATHER: * lies on the floor * I'm such a failure! "

KAIBA: "Yes, you're telling the truth for a change. Your map anatomy shit was real
no longer bearable. And now I've won your best card. "* tears up the card *

ALL: O_o

YUGI: "OMG he broke grandfather's most precious card!"

SKY: "You pigs! ... Oops, wrong series."

THE OTHER: "You pig!"

SKY: "You see, they looked too much at South Park too."

GRANDFATHER: * gives Yugi his cards, trembling * "Here take and finish the bastard! Avenge