Fanfic: Highschool ~ Love, Drama & Action!

Chapter: First encounters

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"Damn it, run faster now, Hidan!"
"Run faster?", He yelled back, just avoiding a car driving by.
"As far as I remember, YOU are the one who overslept!" I rolled my eyes in annoyance.
"Who cares about the unimportant details? Besides, you were still having breakfast anyway, so don't complain!" I yelled back and turned the next corner. Now I could see the school building in front of us.
"I bet I'm faster than you?" I teased my brother, stepping up a gear.
Behind me I could only hear him laughing as he sped past me like a madman. That could not be true...
"See you in class, you lame cow!" He laughed and ran into the school building. Lazy cow ?! I hurried into the school building and ran up the stairs when I ran into someone at the next turn and landed rudely on the floor.
"Ouch ... damn ..." I hissed and slowly got up again. Annoyed, I looked at Hidan, who just stood motionless with his back to me.
“What are you standing there as ordered and not picked up, huh?” When he didn't answer me, I let my gaze wander through the corridor.
A few meters away from us stood a petite-looking girl with long, blond hair. She wore the same school uniform as us, but I had never seen her before. She was just talking to our class teacher when he noticed Hidan and me. The girl also looked over at us and her ice-blue eyes shone as she smiled at us friendly.
"Hidan! Mio! Come here." I quickly tried to free Hidan from his stiffness and together we walked towards Kakashi-Sensei and the girl.
"This is Felicia Uchiha. You and your family have only recently moved to Tokyo. Bring them to class, I'll be right there," he said, starting to move.
"Sensei, the class has already started.", I said, amused, when he just kept walking and ignored my words. I shrugged and turned back to Felicia.
"I guess you can't do it.", I sighed. Suddenly Felicia burst out laughing and I looked at her confused, while Hidan was still staring at her spellbound. By Jashin, what was the matter with them?
"Your teacher really has a weird hairstyle," she said with a laugh. I couldn't help but grin either. That was also my thought when I saw Kakashi-sensei for the first time. Her gaze fell on Hidan.
"Is everything okay with him?"
"I ask myself that often," I replied with a laugh, which finally seemed to release Hidan from his stupor.
"I'm Hidan. Just ignore my sister. Sometimes I think she has a brain tumor that limits her intelligence." His stomach quickly made the acquaintance of my elbow, which made him wince.
"So you are definitely not normal.", Felicia laughed. I gave her my hand with a smile.
"Well then, welcome to your new school, where all the idiots run around."

When we finally got to the class, Kakashi-sensei was still not there. This teacher, he never came on time. Sighing, I dropped into my seat next to Deidara.
"Well, slept again?" He teased me. "Hahaha, make fun of yourself." I said sarcastically and motioned Felicia to take a seat next to me. She smiled gratefully at me. Shortly after she sat down, Kakashi-sensei entered the class."Get up, student.", He said, put his book on the table and we all got up. My eyes wandered around the room when I noticed someone looking at me too. I swallowed hard when I realized Pain.
Pain was one of the biggest rackets in our class. His hair was spiky and orange, his eyes were a light purple, and his face was pierced with many piercings.
He clenched his right hand into a fist and slapped it noiselessly into his other hand.
You're still getting beaten up. he formed the words slowly without uttering a peep.
Oh shit ... I totally forgot about that. Last year his girlfriend Konan was new to school and I once, inadvertently of course, made fun of her makeup too loudly.
Since then, Pain has tried to beat me up a few times, but thanks to Jashin, something always came in between. Unfortunately, I was afraid that it would not be the case this year.
"Does he seriously want to beat you up?" Felicia asked me in a whisper when we were allowed to sit down again.
I nodded in agony when she put a hand on my shoulder and looked at me, shaking her head. Then she let her hand drop again and looked forward at the board.
"What do you mean by now?" I asked and she started to giggle.
"My condolences.", She just said and my courage sank to zero.

"Finally it's break! I hate math!", Felicia and I shouted in unison.
"You also?"
"What you can leave one on.", She grinned and together with Hidan and Deidara we went to the playground. There we met Sasori, a red-haired boy who was in our parallel class. He mostly seemed emotionless, unless he and Deidara had another argument about art.
Deidara, on the other hand, had long, blonde hair and, unlike other boys, looked quite feminine. A class above us were also Kisame, Kakuzu and Zetsu. Three pretty weird guys. Kisame was quite tall, over two meters one might think, and had blue hair.
He always looked friendly and funny.
Kakuzu was, to my chagrin, Hidan's best friend and quite a curmudgeon and Zetsu, well, he was a thing for himself. I introduced Felicia all of a sudden when a black-haired guy came up to us.
"Man, Itachi, I haven't seen you in a long time.", Kisame shouted happily and patted the young man on the shoulder in a friendly manner. Itachi just nodded and the others all seemed to know him. In any case, Itachi didn't look bad, I thought and shook my head. What thoughts I had again.
"Can anyone tell me who that is?" I asked quietly to Hidan. Hidan hit me on the head with his fist.
"That's Itachi Uchiha, man. I told you about him before. The guy from Kyoto we go to once a month."
"No need to hit me!" I scolded and kicked his leg.
Wait a minute ... Uchiha ...
"Your name is Uchiha too!" I shouted and pointed my finger at Felicia when she just laughed.
"You noticed that early on. Itachi is my cousin. You could say the whole Uchiha clan has now moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Except for my father, who has lived here a year longer." I nodded understandably. The others nodded as well and looked at Felicia.
"You don't look like a Uchiha.", Said Deidara.
"She doesn't act like one either.", Pain added his mustard. Fuck, how long has he been standing here ?!
"I'll just come after my mother," she waved off.
"And your father is ... who?" Asked Kisame. Ouh no, I could already guess the answer ...There was only one Uchiha in Tokyo who could be her father ... And that man hated me and Hidan.
Okay, Hidan maybe a little more ... I hoped anyway.
In any case, he didn't like us. For me he was the worst teacher ever. He was a man of pride and just about everyone was afraid of him. Except for a few, like Pain and Konan, which I couldn't quite understand. He was the nightmare of all nightmares and his name was ...
"My father?" She asked, grinning.
"Madara Uchiha."