Childs of North - Modern Ragnarök

Way too much

My head was pounding, but I was breathing again. It smelled like hospital. Sterile. I snorted softly and stretched a little to get feeling in my body again. It was soft under me. I was lying on a bed. Was I really in the hospital? I slowly opened my eyes, it was a little darker than I expected. I expected the bright light of a sick room which would make me blind in a moment. But it was dark. Only gradually did everything start to become clearer and I saw Nanda sitting next to me. She smiled weakly at me. "Hey ..." I forced a smile at myself. "Hey ... what happened?"

She sighed and got up from her chair, sat next to me on the bed and shrugged. "We wanted to go to class ... You turned ... as if someone was after you, turned around and stared at something. Then you couldn't breathe and you fell over ... Kjell was just able to catch you ... The school nurse examined you but couldn't find anything ... After you lost consciousness, you breathed normally again. Never do that again .. understand? I was very worried ... "I had to smile a little when she pouted so. I reached out my arms to her and she quietly lay down next to me.

"Are we in the hospital?" "Of course not. We are in the hospital room. We are about to finish school ... We can bring you home ... Or take you to our place if the road is not clear yet ..." "Not to a lot of info for my head right now .. Let me wake up first. "She pressed carefully against me. "Sorry ... are you feeling better?" I nodded weakly. "Yes ... I .. I don't really remember it either .. Just that I couldn't breathe .. And then everything turned black ..." I heard a short, low laugh. "Kjell just made you so weak that you forgot to breathe." I had to laugh a little myself. "Very funny."

She got up slowly and took the glass from the bedside table and clamped it between her thighs, then took the water bottle and calmly poured some of the water before she handed me the glass and calmly closed the bottle again. "He was pretty worried about you." I had to smile a little and took a sip of the water. It was dry as if I hadn't had saliva in it for hours.

"I think I'll just get sick. This morning I had that too ... When we were still in the car. I think I stepped away for a moment." "But you're not pregnant?" I looked at her confused. "Is my name 'Holy Virgin Mary' or what?" She grinned, then looked at the door when there was a knock before Kjell slowly walked inside. "Well, who's awake? Can you breathe again?" He grinned at me, and I rolled my eyes with a smile. "I'll laugh later when I find the time. But yes, I can breathe again." He sat on the chair on which Nanda was sitting and leaned back. "Connor is downstairs waiting for us. We'll drive you home. I've already brought your things into the car."

"Perfect. Make sure she goes to bed and that she stays there." He raised his eyebrows skeptically. “Shall I mess with you or what?” She shrugged and grinned innocently at him. "If you want. But keep your hands to yourself!" He laughed a little. "I think it is better if she has a little rest. I bring her home and then go home myself. Or I still have to get my car to the port. Unfortunately, she has to do without me tonight." He looked at me and wobbled with my eyebrows, I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"But then we should go now when Connor is waiting ..?" He waved a hand. "We should take all the time in the world that we need. Don't rush. Connor is patient." I nodded a little, but then took the blanket aside anyway. Nanda handed me my shoes which I slowly put on.My body felt limp like I had a bad cold and a fever. My fingers were almost numb. "Are you okay?" I silently looked at Kjell who was quietly watching me, then he looked calmly into my eyes and I nodded a little. "Everything's fine. I just feel a little ... shot." He grinned. "Something? How do you get 'something' shot?" I showed him my tongue.

When I slowly tried to get up, Nanda got up immediately and slowly helped me up. I swayed a little. Whatever happened to me, it threw me mightily off course. With Nanda's help I slowly put on my coat, then I felt the ground disappear under my feet. Kjell had picked me up. The warmth rose to my cheeks. We stared at each other for a moment before I averted my eyes and cleared my throat, I silently looked at my hands which I had crossed on my lap. “I can run too.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a shake of my head.

"We still have to walk stairs before it ends as elegantly as the slope in the forest, I prefer to carry you." Nanda gave a short giggle. "Well, have you played the dying swan again?" I looked over at her with lowered eyelids, but she just grinned innocently. "Come on, let's go." Nanda walked calmly ahead and held the doors open for us. I winced a little when we got outside. It had gotten terribly cold. I put my head on Kjell's shoulder in silence and sigh. When I couldn't suppress my trembling anymore, he hugged me lightly. I had the feeling that I could feel his warmth even through his jacket.

When we got closer to the car, Connor got out and opened the back door so that Kjell could sit me in. Nanda immediately leaned over to me. "When you are at home, will you write to me?" I nodded. “Yes, I will.” She kissed me on the cheek before Kjell quietly closed the car door. I watched her as she threw a few energetic sentences at Kjell's head before he nodded calmly and got into the car himself.

“How are you Aenna?” I looked calmly through the mirror into the Green Eyes and nodded slightly. "Better. Thanks ..." He nodded too. “You should maybe have a check-up at the hospital.” I waved a hand. "It's okay. Maybe it was just a bit too much today." "Yes, she had to examine my muscles." Kjell grinned proudly. Connor looked confused at his brother. "You mean your fat belly and your slack arms? Or your hanging ass?" I had to grin and leaned back, relaxed. "I must have misheard you ugly bum. Do we really want to compare which of us has more muscles?" "You are not undressing in front of Aenna." "Oh, but you? You don't even know her for a day and are already undressing. I thought I had at least taught you a bit of behavior. "" Hello ?! I haven't undressed? "" Yes no, that's clear. "

I looked calmly outside and leaned my head against the cool pane. As fun as it was to listen to the two of them, it was also exhausting. I preferred to watch the houses and trees we passed until I closed my eyes. I heard that the two were still having their wild discussion, but I couldn't quite perceive what exactly they were saying. I was tired and was just happy about the cold window. If I didn't know better I would think I have a fever. After I then touched my forehead I had to regret to realize that I really had a fever.

“My heart.” Again I heard the whisper of that voice. I opened my eyes. Kjell and Connor were still fighting about who looked better. Inner unrest spread through me. I felt uncomfortable. Like I'm really starting to go insane. Kjell suddenly stopped and looked at me, studying me.“Are you okay?” I just looked at him for a moment. How could he feel that? Or was it a coincidence? But this .. abruptly breaking off the conversation just to check on me.

I nodded a little. "I .. I think I have a bit of a fever. Delusions and hearts and ..." I was talking weird stuff. I pulled my eyebrows together, overwhelmed, before shaking my head and resting my head on the window again. I had pressure in my head. As if someone was pressing against my skull from the inside out. From the corner of my eye I could see that his gaze was still on me, then he looked ahead. He started talking to his brother again. But I don't know what. I either didn't realize it or at the same moment I forgot.

The car stopped at some point. Since I had closed my eyes again, I had to cumbersomely open them again to see where we were. We really stood in front of our house. Connor turned to me, Kjell was gone. Again I felt uneasy and tensed up. "Are you okay?" I stared at Connor, then winced when the car door opened. I looked at him aghast, then I looked again at the place where he was sitting, then at him. He, however, looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Little one?” “Yeah?” He eyed me, then put his hand on my forehead and sighed, then picked me up.

He parked me slowly in front of the door, but held me by my hip with one arm. "Will you give me your key, please?" I nodded a bit dazed and reached into my jacket pocket to dig out the key, which I then shakily held out to him. Heavens, I felt like I was completely drunk. As if I had the crash of my life. Kjell unlocked the door and slowly walked in with me, then closed the door behind us and picked me up again. "Where's your room?" "Upstairs .. Both rooms are mine .. On the right is the bedroom .." He nodded calmly and went upstairs with me, he pushed my bedroom door open with his foot before he went in with me and me sat down quietly on my bed.

He slowly took off my coat and shoes and put everything aside calmly and neatly. I slowly lay down and watched him. He then looked at me and smiled a little, he lifted my body a little with one arm and pulled the blanket out from under me with the other hand before he covered me in it. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me calmly. I had quite a problem keeping my eyes open and snorted tiredly for a moment. “When are your parents coming home?” I barely shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know when my mum is coming. Sometimes I don't see her for days." He looked at me for a moment and nodded in understanding. "Okay. I'll save my number for you. If there is anything you want to see a doctor or anything else then call Okay? Or just let the phone ring once and I'll come."

I shook my head and slowly lay on my side. "You have to go get your car right away." He smiled a little. "My uncle will get it for me, don't worry. I've already sorted everything out." I