Son Goku & Chichis Traumhochzeit

Son Goku/Kakarott & Chichi

The big day

It was a pretty gray afternoon, and it should be the best day of their life together. A day they should never forget, but the weather didn't seem to play along. Son Goku was standing in front of the altar in a church and was quite nervous, today it was really going to happen, the big day was here. A little nervously he tugged on his white suit, he was not used to being in such a piece of clothing, he would have preferred to wear his combat suit but his friends had advised him against it. He looked at the altar table there were two photos, one of Chichi's mother and one of Son Goku's grandfather Son Gohan. The pictures stood in front of several brightly colored bouquets of flowers and candles. It should be a small celebration only with family and friends. Present were Chichi's father the beef devil and Son Goku's friends from now and then. Chichi's father watched Son Goku from afar because he knew that Chichi's heart beat only for this young man and he was very proud of his daughter.

Son Goku wished he had met his own parents. But most of all he wished that his grandfather would be here now. He looked a little sadly at the two pictures, he had never understood how this died. He thought sadly back to the time when he grew up with his grandfather until his grandfather's death.

* How he took him in as a little baby and what beautiful but also terrible days he spent with him and also how his grandfather was suddenly just dead. The only thing left from his grandfather was the dragon ball with the four stars that he always carried with him *

He noticed how he was fighting back tears and shook his head slightly, because he didn't want to think about it now, even if it hurt, he knew that his grandfather was always with him, deep in his heart.
With a smile on his face he thought back to the time when he met Chichi the first time and also the last time before that day, the woman he will marry today, start a family with her and spend his life with her.