Fanfic: Academy of Music *MMFF*

Chapter: Casting

"You really don't need to be afraid of us, we definitely won't hurt you!" said Mika. Akira slowly dared to get out of her hiding place and now looked at the two of them. "How about Mika, do we want to make some music?" asked Yuna. "Sure I'll be there!" said the blonde and wanted to get her bass out of the suitcase, but she stumbled over Akira's music system which suddenly started and played music. "NO, NOT!" Akira called, but it was already too late, someone started to sing[ v = X_rp5rtyZJg]. "Is that you who's singing?" Yuna asked immediately. "Yes ...! It sounds horrible!" Akira said and bowed her head. "Are you crazy! It's anything but horrible, that's awesome!" Yuna just said. "I agree with Yuna-chan!" Mika interfered. "I want to hear more!" Yuna said and smiled all over her face. "Well, come with me!" Akira said sullenly, left her room, followed by Yuna and Mika. They went down the stairs until they were in the basement and Akira opened a door there, behind which there was a small studio. Akria scurried into the soundproof room after connecting the ball that the two of them had seen before to the mixer. Mika and Yuna looked at the little thing that began to check everything and then stopped. "That's just an exception, nothing more!" Akira said quietly before closing the door to the other room and putting on the headphones. After taking a deep breath, she started to sing[ v = IDGMX-6klnk]. The ball played music and then turned up the volume. The girls were so excited that they didn't even notice the others who came into the room as well, only when Matt said: “I see you could persuade them to sing!” They both winced and looked at the boys. While Akira added a song[ v = 5rCduiCnCfg & feature = related]and not even noticed the others. "She's really really good!" said Souta. "One rarely hears something like that from you!" grinned Taichi. "The band Haven could use a voice like that!" Matt just said. "Yuna, where are you going?" asked Souta. "You see right away!" Yuna grinned and went to Akira in the soundproof room where she talked to her. They saw how Akria nodded hesitantly a few times, then she grabbed her headphones and put them on. Immediately afterwards the ball played music again and the boys were amazed[ v = OuEebkBbmCo]. "Isn't that the song Yuna sang on the carsting?" said Kaito. "Right now that you say it!" Taichi said now. "Now it's a duet!" grinned Souta. "Also agrees again!" said Taichi. After the song, both girls left the room. "Akira, your voice is awesome! If we didn't have Yuna we would immediately accept you into the band!" Souta said with a big grin.The hours passed and it got dark, everyone went to sleep and it was quiet, except in two rooms. Hinagiku tuned her electric guitar while Neith rehearsed a piece on her keyboard. Tomorrow would be the big day and the carsting for the new band members would take place. "Which piece do you think we should play?" asked Neith as she stroked the keys. "You mean we should perform together?" asked the turquoise-haired woman, startled. "Sure, why not, as a couple we have better chances!" grinned the black-haired one. "Okay, then we rehearse, but quietly. Otherwise we will have to deal with the supervision." said Hina. "Don't worry, they told me that the rooms here are soundproofed, so we can play normally and nobody cares." told Neith. "Good to know!" Hina grinned and the black-haired started to play on her keyboard[ v = kr9_fSwQhgE & feature = related]. After the play, they went to sleep, they wanted to be rested for the next day.

"Hey, Hina wake up!" Neith suddenly shrieked. The turquoise-haired woman jumped up immediately and shouted: "What, what's going on, is it burning?" "No, but if we don't hurry we will be late for Carsting!" said the black-haired one and looked at the clock. "Wait! I'll be finished soon!" Hina said quickly and threw herself into the closet. Whereupon Neith made a confused expression, immediately afterwards Hina was dressed, looked at the black-haired one and asked: "What?" "Oh nothing, come on!" answered her, grabbed her arm and sprinted with Hina to Carsting. "Didn't you set the alarm yesterday?" asked Hina as they ran. "Nah, I completely forgot!" Neith apologized and pushed open the door to the auditorium, Ryan and Nathe were just tidying up there. They looked at the two girls in amazement, who apologized for being late. "Well, you're actually not too late!" said the Reily. "Huh? Why is that?" asked both at the same time. "It's easy, we've been around here for two hours and it's been until now, except for you, nobody came." explained Ryan. "What, really? That's strange!" said Hina. "I agree with her!" said Neith. "Sorry if I bother you, but Mariko has put Canceled on your posters." Matt now said. "That damn bitch!" Ryan hissed. "Don't worry! We're here and we're more than good! Let's show you!" grinned Neith. "It's clear!" called Hina, took her electric guitar and went on stage with Neith and began to play[ v = r3_RsS6lK5A & feature = related]. After the song, the boys looked at the two girls speechless. "And?" asked Neith. Rayn was the first to find his language again and said: "I can really only say wow. But in terms of vocals we can't hold a candle to Mariko." I don't want to sing either, I prefer to play the electric guitar! "Explained Hina ."Well, then all we need is a singer." said Nathe. "That means we're in?" asked Neith. Both boys nodded and immediately the two girls hugged each other and screamed. "We made it!" they cheered.

"You shouldn't rejoice too soon, because you really have to take a lot with us!" said Nathe. "Why?" asked Hina immediately. "Because of Mariko, you have to be careful because they come up with all sorts of ideas and knock you down with them. She will also spread rumors about you that are not true! She does not see us as competition, but as losers who do not belong to this academy. " explained Rayn.

To be continued ...

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