Fanfic: Die Piraten-MSTing

Subtitle: Das Treffen einer Mary Sue o.o

Chapter: The secret of nutrition for the nerves

Luffy and Franky: * yawn *
Ria: Behave yourself ò.ó
Luffy: But this time it's no fun to MSTen -.-
Franky: Right, he's already eating away your nerve food ..
Ria: My chocolate O.O.

The secret of Sandra

Ria: My chocolate is more important than the fallen angel there -.-
Luffy: I would really care what she is and then ..
Franky: ... she does NOT come into our crew!

The next morning the Flying Black berths in the port of an island. All but Sandra disembark. She stays because she is guarding the ship, but there is still a reason.

Ria: * - * You want to kill yourself? Plunge into the sea?
Franky: But that goes on, right? She can't die there yet.
Ria: Do you have to take my hope away?
Luffy: * steals and eats chocolate *
Ria: Luffy! ò.ó

[i]She thinks about a lot. Suddenly she calls out, "Hey Sandra!", It is Luffy who calls her. "What's going on? You look sad." "Oh, no idea, I feel kind of lousy today."

Ria: Then drown yourself!
Franky: How did Luffy get there? I don't think that's great at all! -.-
Luffy: Asks the author, I don't know myself ..

[i]"If that's not Sandra, you're hanging around here. I was already wondering where you are, it wasn't easy to find you!", a strange guy hovers in the air above them. "Who are you and what do you want from me?" She calls back. "But, but. Who will forget the old days here? I'm after you, you belong to the Saiyajins, in case you should have forgotten."

Luffy and Franky: Saiya-what?
Ria: * google and vorles *… are an alien people from the planet Vegeta. They are a warlike people, which is why they worked as star vendors, which means that they conquered planets and then sold them to the highest bidder. From birth, the Saiyajin have a tail that is very similar to the tail of a monkey.
Luffy: That's so cool * _ *
Franky: Do they really exist?
Ria: Not in your universe, it seems like a crossover .. with Dragonball

[i]"Saiya-what? I don't get it like that, what does he mean by that?" asks Luffy Sandra. "I do not come from earth, my home planet was light years away from here. I am a Saiyajin and belong to the most powerful warriors in the whole universe." that the guy wants to kill you, I'll stop him. "

Ria: Luffy, I'm begging you! Do not do that!! * slip on your knees *
Luffy: All right, * chocolate munch *
Ria: -.- *
Franky: The guy just wanted to find her, why does Luffy think he wants to kill her?
Ria: I have no idea ask ...
Luffy: ... the author!
Ria: Did you notice? Here Sue comes through ò. ó She is one of the most powerful warriors, bah! Imaginary T.
Franky: Instead of an annoying beep, does she only speak the first letter?[i]"Don't do that, that's my business, I haven't had a strong opponent on earth for a long time, I'll do that myself." "Let me guess your brother is also here somewhere on earth? I am behind him here too, "he adds," you two are the last Saiyajins. Your father is to blame that my home planet was destroyed, now you will pay for it! "
Sandra takes up the fight with him. Whether she can defeat him is still open and what about Luffy, will he help her or leave her alone?

Ria: Okay, weird-guy-we-still-don't-have-a-name ... GET IT DONE !!! * Wave flag *
Franky: But someone here is happy o. O * drink coke *
Luffy: I definitely won't help him .. if she already tells me, why should I interfere? * desperately looking for nerve food *
Ria: Nice that the chapter is over, but why is my chocolate gone? T_T
Luffy: * innocent whistle *
Franky: Wouldn't that be a case for Galileo Mystery?
Ria: Yeah * - *