Fanfic: Die Piraten-MSTing

Subtitle: Das Treffen einer Mary Sue o.o

Chapter: A big disappointment

Ria: * Image of chocolate has put up * Schoki T_T
Franky: * howl * This is so dramatic! * snort *
Luffy: * Eyes veil * Okay, I'll go ahead then ..

A great love?

Luffy: * tilt your head *
Ria: I get sick -.-
Franky: Now something really romantic is guaranteed ^ - ^

Sandra has a tough fight with this strange guy. "You can really tell that you are the Legendary Sayaijin!" "How do you know about the legend?"
"I found out about you and your brother and I have to say you have no bad techniques." "Let my brother out of it, he can do the least for everything." "Shut up, I'll get to you and yours now Brother rake. "

Franky: Um .. does he want to rake the garden or what does he mean?
Ria: * nachles * misspellings .. that means revenge, comes from revenge ..
Luffy: Now I know what you mean by Mary Sue ... does she have to be the very best and strongest?
Ria: This is Mary's Sueic disease ^ - ^

[i]He takes a hard punch from Luffy.
"Leave Sandra and her brother alone! I don't know what this legend and her brother are all about, but what I've heard is enough for me to protect them from you!" "Luffy, you don't want to Fight against him? Better let that finish you off! "" I don't think so, at least I'm not standing here, he can experience his blue miracle! "
They fight against him together and manage to defeat him with minor injuries.

Ria: Yeah .. um .. lol?
Luffy: That was boring o.o
Franky: First act like a super warrior and then don't even describe the fight correctly -.-
Ria: A bitter fight in one sentence ... perfect! * Hold up sarcasm shield *
Luffy: I want to * - * too
Ria: NO !!!

[i]They sit next to each other on the floor and talk, "I think I should explain a few things to you," says Sandra. "Yes, of course," replies Luffy. "When I was four, my brother and I had to leave my home planet. Since then I've been on my own, my home planet no longer exists and my parents are no longer alive. My brother was a baby at the time, he knows about all of this nothing, I don't want to tell him anything yet, "she says. "Oh man, that's really tough!" He added.

Ria: It also hits me very hard o.o
Luffy and Franky: Really?
Ria: Yeah, she's definitely a Sue, bad past, she's the best and blabla -.-
Franky: Well, I have to say, Nico Robin's past is much more cruel!

[i]At that moment they looked each other in the eye again. They started to get closer and then kissed. They confessed their love for one another and went back to their ships, where the others were already waiting. "Well then let's go!", Both ships cast off and they sailed out to sea again.Ria: You won't find tension, action and romance here -.-
Luffy: But I don't love her ó.ò
Ria: In the end it looks like the straw hat gang followed them o.0
Franky: Sure, with the great ship and the crew .. don't want to know what's next -.-
Luffy: We'll be disappointed anyway! There's really nothing promising here .. T.T